I got my old books Upcycled! Spiral binding the leftover pages from my old used school notebooks.

April 28, 2018

Wondering what to do with old used notebooks? Read on...Hey guys, exams are over. I now have all my notebooks from previous year with lot of empty pages. Instead of throwing off all the books, I tore off all the empty pages in the books and got them spiral bound. I saw my friend do this same thing to her old books. So, I thought I must do the same thing to my books! Now I have all the book binding done for the old books and I can use all the old book pages again!!! You too can do the same and its pretty cheap too. Our school gives us notebooks to us so that we can write our notes and other stuff. But they give so many books that so many we don't even use them. Usually, I just staple the pages to make books. But they used to come off and they looked very boring. That's why I had my books bound. Now they look colorful and organised.

I like spiral bound books far better than the normally bound books because they are so comfortable to use and no page gets folded. You can even tear the pages from the book easily.(doesn't mean you must tear pages);-)

Don't have old books with you? No worries. You could also buy them from Amazon. The below book is the one that I had purchased some time ago. I love it. Check it out.

Later in the evening, I had mangoes as a snack. I love mangoes so much. As now it is summer, you get to eat as many mangoes as you like!! YAY! And of course...when you are eating something, Angel is always inches away from you because she wants it so bad! This is why you can never leave her unnoticed. Come on! even she wants to eat some mangoes! 

She was so dull and bored. But after she saw the mangoes, she was totally in her full energy! Of course after all that we must give her some. And we did! YUMM..... 

And then Angel was happily nibbling on her mango ever after!

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