Top 25 names for your Golden Retriever Dog Names - For Male and Female puppies

August 21, 2019

If you get a new puppy, then of course you have to name it. But the list of names that you can keep is endless! How to choose the perfect name? Well, first you have to see the character of the pup, if it is a male or a female and how it acts. When we got our golden retriever puppy, we were pretty much in a fix trying to deciding on the name. We finally chose Angel as she was so very gentle and timid that almost melted our heart..

Here is a list of 25 cute Golden Retriever Dog names that you can keep for your Golden retriever puppy.  Which amongst these dog names is your favorite?

Female Puppy Names-

1. Ruby (it was Angel's original name)

2. Snowy (if he pup has white fur)

3. Candy

4. Goldy

5. Daisy 

6. Pepo

7. Coco

8. Willow

9. Luna

10. Lily

11. Sally

12. Moonbow

13. Oakley

14. Sweet

15. Memphis

16. Honey

17. Misty

18. Penny

19. Bella

20. Sasha

21. Cody

22. Chelsea

23. Missy

24. Katie

25. Annie

Male Puppy Names - 

1. Casper

2. Bailey

3. Toby

4. Danny

5. Harley

6. Spiky

7. Thor

8. Captain

9. Hulk

10. Casey

11. Shadow

12. Bear

13. Jerry

14. Atom

15. Bubble

16. Alvin

17. Boo boo

18. Archie

19. Bullwinkle

20. Beebop

21. Ballyhoo

22. Benji

23. Akubra

24. Cody

25. Simba


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