The peculiar pencil - Story by me Chapter - 2: Tiro the genie

January 22, 2019

Previously on 'The Peculiar pencil' - Chapter 1

'So you want me to open this box? Looks pretty old.' said Mr.Madison interested. He thought for a while and went to the store room to get a large hammer. He hammered the old lock as hard as he could. The girls stared at the box with excitement. After many tries it finally opened. The girls screamed with excitement and sat down beside their father. There were huge smiles on their faces They opened the box slowly with enthusiasm expecting something great.

The peculiar Pencil

Chapter - 2

                                                                  Tiro - the genie

The sisters were extremely happy that they now could finally open up the box. The time had come. They opened the box. But guess what! There was a random pencil inside it! The girls were so very disappointed  that they wouldn't talk for hours. The day passed and girls went to bed gloomily. 

The next day Lucy had nothing to do, so she took the box to her room and took out the pencil. She randomly drew a flower on a piece of paper. After a second, blue smoke started fuming out of the tip of the pencil and started making a hissing sound. Coincidentally, Avery just came out of the bathroom gloomily after brushing her teeth. The moment she came out, her eyes  brightened with surprise and her jaw dropped. There was a genie in their room! Lucy was even more shocked. First of all because of the genie (obviously) and secondly because the flower she had drawn came to life! It was a real flower! The genie looked so funny that Lucy giggled the first time she saw him. He kind of looked like a clown. His skin was so dark that he would become invisible on a starry night. He had pearl white curly hair and he even had a few multi colored streaks! He wore a designer waistcoat that was purple and white and had tattoo like drawings on it. He even had a bright red nose.

Lucy imagined herself to pluck out the poor genie's nose and play catch with it like a ball!

The genie said, 'Good morning your majesty. I am the keeper of this pencil. It is a very special pencil. Whatever you draw with this pencil, comes alive! But make sure you only use it for a good cause or else your life can be in grave danger.' Then he turned into smoke and went inside the pencil. The girls were speechless. They just kept staring at each others faces for a long time. Then suddenly the genie reappeared and said, 'Sorry my lord...Or rather lords....I did not introduce myself. I am Tiro. I live inside this pencil and whenever you want to call me, just press the tip of the pencil, where the eraser is and call my name; and I will be there. Namaste! And he went away. After what seemed like hours, Avery finally said, 'Wow! That was intense!' Lucy was always up for adventure and was also full of ideas. So she said, 'Avery! let's ask Tiro to take us into his world of genies! That would be so much fun!' 'Amazing idea Lucy!' Avery replied. So the two sisters came up with a plan. 

At midnight, the duo will call out Tiro and tell them their wish. 'And obviously he would not reject it as we are the lords!' said Lucy with swag while wearing sunglasses. 'We will ask all the requirements to go there. But we should make sure that we come back by dawn as our parents should not know anything about this. The sisters had a big grin on their face all day. Their mom was confused as in the morning they were very grumpy. 'How are you guys so happy now! Are you over the fact that you did not find anything special in that box?' asked their mother curiously. 'Umm...We are just happy that we did not find gold as then we would get into trouble if the owner finds out.' said Avery nervously.

The night had come. They ate their supper as fast as they could and acted as if they were very sleepy. 'I am going to bed mom. I am really sleepy.' said Avery. 'Same here. I am sleepy too.' said Lucy. They went to bed.

They did not even sleep for a second. They stayed awake and kept looking at the clock every 5 minutes. They waited and waited. Then it finally struck 12 o'clock! They jumped and sat on their bed. They tried to hear if their parents were awake. Thankfully they weren't. So Avery stealthily went and brought the pencil to their bed. Avery whispered to the pencil, 'Tiro' while touching the eraser. The genie blasted out of the blue smoke. 'Good morning young ladies! oh wait, it's 12 in the night.' 

'Shh!!' said the girls. 'Quiet! Or you will wake up our parents!' said Avery. 'Oh... I can smell some mischief in the air!' said the genie naughtily. The girls giggled. 'Okay... so we want you to take us into your world of magic. We want to see how people live there.' said Avery. 'Oh...this is a tough decision. Our world is not that safe you know? Recently, a cruel wizard has taken over our country. He is known as Lord Norbert. So make sure you always stay with me and never go wandering off on your own. If you promise me to do this, only then I will take you.' said Tiro. Then Tiro chanted a spell with weird movements and then there were 3 blasts of smoke and off they went into the magical world of genies!

Stay tuned for the next chapter where you can read about the adventures with Tiro.

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