The peculiar pencil - Story by me Chapter - 1

January 18, 2019

Here's a story by me that I wrote 2-3 years ago:

P.S. I just remembered that I named the characters in the stories by my dolls' names 😂😉

The Peculiar pencil

Chapter - 1


Lucy and Avery were 2 sisters who had recently moved to a new house. They were very excited as there was a huge park in front of their apartment which they could explore. 

The next day, as soon as they came back from school, they ran to the park to play. Lucy was 8 and Avery was 10 years old. Lucy started digging the sand to make a sand castle. She loved making them. While digging, she hit something hard. It was not a stone as it was dark blue in color and was a perfect rectangle. Avery was enjoying herself on the swings. 'Avery! Come here I found something!' Lucy shouted. Avery came running. 'Why is that you are shouting?' she asked. 'Look at this! It's a mysterious box!' Lucy replied. 'Help me pull it out' Avery said. Together they dug and dug and finally got the dark blue box out. They were very shocked to see an old box in the park. Especially as it was secretly buried. They tried opening it but it wouldn't budge. So they took it home. They told their mother all that had happened. Their mom looked a little confused. There was a lock that kept them from opening it. she told them that they would have to wait until their dad comes home and then they can do something about it. Avery and Lucy went inside their room sadly. Their curiosity made them restless. They had to wait all day long to open the box and they had nothing to do. Or rather they did not want to do anything else. So a conversation started between them. 'What could be inside the box?' Avery asked herself and to Lucy at the same time. They started imagining things. 'What if there is gold inside it!' thought Lucy. 'If it is not that valuable, then why would they hide it underground?' Good thought Lucy.' praised Avery. Avery started reading a book for a change as they were getting bored.

Time passed and their dad, Mr.Madison arrived from work. The sisters were overjoyed. They ran towards the door. Mr.Madison hardly even entered the house and the girls were all over him. They told the whole story excitedly to Mr. Madison, and both told it together in their own words and poor Mr.Madison didn't understand a thing. 'Wait kids! Let him at least take off his shoes! It has been a hectic day for him and he needs some rest.' said the girls' mom. Then the two girls sat grumpily in a corner until their dad freshened up.
After sometime their dad finally came to them and asked what had happened. They started streaming him  with questions and some answers but he had had enough! 'Wait a minute' said their dad loudly. Tell it slowly. Avery, you start.' Avery narrated the whole thing properly with some parts from Lucy. After listening, their dad finally said, 'Okay.... now bring the box here.' Lucy ran as fast as she could and got it. "So you want me open this box? Looks pretty old." said Mr.Madison interested. He thought for a while and went to the store room to get a large hammer. He hit the old lock as hard as he could. The girls stared at the box with excitement. After many tries it finally opened. The girls screamed excitedly. and sat down close their father. There were huge smiles on their faces They opened the box slowly with enthusiasm expecting something precious! When they opened the box, they couldn't believe their eyes! What they saw in the box was completely unexpected...
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