The peculiar Pencil - Chapter - 3: The circular library

February 22, 2019

Previously on 'The Peculiar Pencil' -

'Okay... so we want you to take us into your world of magic. We want to see how people live there.' said Avery to Tiro - the Genie. 'Ohh...this is a tough decision. Our world is not that safe you know? Recently a cruel wizard has taken over our country. He is known as Lord Norbert. So make sure you always stay with me and never go wandering off your own. If you promise me to do this, only then I will take you.' said Tiro. Then Tiro cast a weird spell with overwhelming movements and then there were 3 blasts of smoke and off they went into the magical world of genies!
Part 1: The Peculiar Pencil

Part 2: Tiro - The Genie

They felt queasy for a few seconds and everything went black. They were suffocated and finally they blasted into Tiro's house. The house was huge! It almost was the size of a mansion. Tiro said that all the people who lived there were very rich as they had 'money making machines'. 'That's awesome!' exclaimed the 2 sisters. 'I wish we had those machines too.' said Lucy. You may take it at home but it is very difficult to make it' said Tiro. 'Let's try to make it!' said Avery. 'The recipe can be found in the library.' said Tiro. 'My great grand father's great grand father had made it many years ago. So I don't remember it.

'Let's start the search right now! We don't really have a lot of time.' said Avery.

So the girls with their genie went to library to search for the ancient book.

They searched for about 3 hours but found nothing. The closing time of the library was 6 'O' clock. (Magic world time) The girls didn't realize this and kept searching and searching. They searched all the floors. 'We are all done but we still don't have the book!' said Lucy sadly. 'Not yet!' said Tiro.

'The basement is still left. We might find it there.' he continued. 

The basement was dark and gloomy. No one ever went there because of this gloomy atmosphere. It was filled with old and special volumes of books.

All of the books were magical. Surprisingly, the books moved around and even spoke something in their own language occasionally! No one understood their language. Not even Tiro. They could also speak the human language. Tiro told If someone tried to learn the secret language forcefully or illegally, then the books would find that person and kill him! So it is always better to be on their side. Tiro picked up one of the moving books playfully. The book shouted, 'Hey you! How did you get into this chamber?! It is restricted. Also, you are still inside the library even after it is closed! Now let me go or else I will call my army of books!' 

'Wow!' said Tiro and dropped to book. The book walked away with a frown. 'Tiro! we're not used to these timings so you should have kept a watch!' said Avery. 'Sorry' said Tiro. 'We will have to spend the night here as it is closed and we can't get out of the library at this hour.' regretted Tiro. Lucy sighed and sat on a big fat couch. The others joined her. The trio sat on the couch for a while looking at the little books moving around glumly. 'Why don't we just look for the book rather than sitting here doing nothing?' said Avery. 'Yeah' said Avery 'Let's do it.' 

Once again, they started their search....
Were they able to find the magical book? Make sure you stay tuned for the next chapter!

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