Comic - The misadventures of Golu- episode 2

June 28, 2018

Hello guys! Welcome back. This is the continuation of my series of comics about Golu. I had actually made many comics but they were just rough drawings and I did not make them properly. So, I drew it again properly in my new drawing book so I can entertain you guys. There will be more of these comics so watch out for them too. I am of course not a professional but I love to write stories, write poems and draw comics. I actually intend to become an author some day. So, I thought to share my comics and stories with you guys.

In the episode 2 of  'The misadventures of Golu', Golu finds a dog sitting on a boulder and he thinks that the poor dog is stuck up there and is not able to get down. As Golu is a pet lover (like me!) he wants to help the dog to get down to safety. But unfortunately, it turns out that Golu was wrong about the dog. The dog is smarter than him! See the picture to know what happens to Golu and the dog!

You can read the first episode of this series -The misadventures of Golu -More wishes



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