The cutest Golden retriever photos of Angel

July 29, 2018


We recently did a photo shoot of Angel! And guess what? The pics turned out to be insanely cute!! So I thought I MUST share those photos with you guys. 

So here goes-


These two were the best photos that we got during the photo shoot. My exams were going on, and I just wanted a break from studying, and so I thought of taking cute photos of Angel as it would refresh my mind, and it would also be useful for my blog. We actually took a whole lot of photos, but these two were the only photos that were perfect. We took these photos during the time when Angel is all sleepy and lazy. We chose this time because this is when she would not destroy the prop materials and actually act like an angel ;-)


We just used the props present in our home. I really did not expect her to sit so well posing for the fashion show. So, I took advantage of it and made her wear sunglasses too. She is really fit to be a model :-) Angel is really the best dog ever!


The next two photos were taken in an empty plot where we take Angel to play. These were taken using my G7X Mark II. We usually take her there every weekend so that she can run freely because golden retrievers need exercise outdoors and it is very important for them to run around freely.

But Angel gets very dirty when she plays so we have started to play fetch with her on the tar road beside the plot. We hope she becomes fit as a fiddle.


This picture is so cute! While painting in the balcony, Angel randomly came and sat near me. Poor Angel, she did not have place to sleep, and so she ended up sleeping like this. Fortunately, she slept in a picture perfect way :-)

I love painting and doodling. I had posted a blog about Beginners doodle art which you can check out.

My dad took this one during a video. It's so pretty!

This is another photo from one of my Instagram photo shoot. 

This is the last of our golden retriever - Angel's insanely cute photos.

As you can see in this photo, Angel was very tired after the long and tiring run on the road after her exercise. I just thought it was cute how she was sleeping so I took a photo.

Hope you liked all the cute pics of Angel.

Meet you in my next blog. BYE!

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