Survivors- Book review- Erin Hunter

April 22, 2019

I bought this book an year ago for the Readathon with my friend, but I just never had a chance to read it. A few days ago, I found myself staring at my bookshelf wondering which book to read. Well...I chose Survivors by Erin Hunter. 

When the growl occurs (earthquake) all the longpaws (humans) run away leaving their beloved dogs. The leashed dogs know nothing about surviving on their own as the longpaws have pampered them all along, but now they have to learn. Lucky is a lone city dog surviving on his own. He had been adopted by humans, but they tortured him. He got so fed up that he ran away from home. Lucky finds the stranded leashed dogs and decides to help them. He decides that after he teaching them to survive on their own, he will leave them and continue his life as a lone city dog. This takes a lot of work, but right when he feels that they are ready and plans to leave them, a pack of wild dogs whose alpha is a half- wolf, attacks them. He gets so attached to these nimble and innocent leashed dogs that he finally decides to stay with them. For this, he has to deceive his old friends and also has to enter the pack of the wild dogs with the ferocious half- wolf and deceive them too! Will his cunning city dog tricks be more cunning than the half- wolf dog? Read these books to find out!   

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Survivors is a set of 14 books. The list is given below-

The Empty City (2012)

A Hidden Enemy (2013)

Darkness Falls (2013)

The Broken Path (2014)

Alpha's Tale (2014)

The Endless Lake (2014) 

Storm of Dogs (2015) 

Sweet's Journey (2015)

Moon's Choice (2015)

Into the Shadows (2017)

Red Moon Rising(2017) 

The Exile's Journey

A Pack Divided (2015)

Dead of Night

This set of books are about dogs, not humans. But they do meet humans. Not like the ones they knew. These longpaws (humans) were mean and scary. They even carried loudsticks (guns) and they even tried to hurt them! The leashed dogs had never seen such longpaws. But Lucky knew people like them. He was also taken care of by longpaws. They were so cruel to him that he ran away. Now the leashed dogs have to learn to hunt and survive on their own in the wild, and they mostly have to get over the fact that their longpaws are coming back. If they really want to come back for the dogs, then why did they leave them in the first place? Now they have to hunt, find food, water and shelter and learn about the other packs. They have to survive......

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