The Peculiar Pencil - Chapter 4 - Money Making Machine

March 4, 2019

Previously on 'The peculiar Pencil'-

'We will have to spend the night here as it is closed.' regretted Tiro. Lucy sighed and sat on a big fat couch. The others joined her. The trio sat on the couch for a while looking at the little books moving around glumly. 'Why don't we just look for the book rather than sitting here doing nothing?' said Avery. 'Yeah' said Avery 'Okay let's do it.' 

Once again, they started their search....
The story so far:

Part 1: The peculiar Pencil
Part 2: Tiro - The Genie
Part 3: The Circular Library


 After two more hours of searching, everyone were getting hungry. Lucy asked Tiro if he had any food. 'Sure. I have a magic food pocket from which you can get any kind of food you want! You just say SULUCIDUR! But make sure to concentrate on what you want or it could go wrong' told Tiro. Each of them put their hand inside it, concentrated of what they want and said the magic word. When they took out their hand, they had the food they wished for! All of them ate hungrily and then they slept on the couch. 


When they woke up, light was streaming through the windows of the library. Again they ate breakfast out of the magic pocket. They got up from the couch and started roaming around the basement as if they had just arrived as other witches and wizards were also entering the library and they did not want them to know that they had spent the night there. They saw that the books were all asleep. Some on the ground, some on the couch, they were literally everywhere! Some even snored! One book attracted everyone's attention. It looked ancient and it was handmade. When Lucy went to take it out of the shelf, Tiro shouted, 'Hey! Don't touch that book! It can only be touched by the maker or his descendants' Then Tiro went near the book and said some kind of spell. A whooshing sound was heard and the book came out of the shelf and landed in Tiro's arms. He slowly opened the book. It was surely his great grandfather's great grand father's book. It was called 'Magician's engineering' There was once again a glow in the children's eyes. They had found the recipe! 

This is what they read:

The money making Machine- 


  1. Snake's tooth - 1 and a half

  2. Pencil's lead - half tonne

  3. Liquid rubber - 50 grams

  4. Iodine - 43 milliliters 

  5. copper - 0.67148 grams

  6. Giraffe's milk - 2 drops

How to make - 

(Quantities above) 

  • Take a fully grown snake's tooth and powder it.

  • Powder the pencil led

  • Put the powdered tooth into a cauldron and then add the powdered led in it.

  • Heat the copper so that it turns liquid and add it into the mixture. 

  • Place the cauldron on a fire and constantly stir it. 

  • Add the iodine

  • Add the giraffe's milk 

  • While heating, add the liquid rubber and stir it until it turns purple

  • Make sure the mixture is extremely sticky. Do not touch

  • Cover it and let it cool by switching off the fire.

  • Put the ash of the fire on top of the lid. Make sure that there is no direct contact between the ash and the mixture.

  • Keep it in the freezer for a month. 

  • The mixture cools down to such an extent that it contracts to a ball.

  •  Dig the ground. Put the mixture (now a ball) into the soil. Cover it up with more soil. Add some water.

  • Leave it undisturbed for a week.

  • Now we can see that a tree is grown.

  • After another week, we can see that the tree now bears fruits. 

  • Pluck the fruit and cut it. 

  • You will find $10 in each fruit. 

  • There will be an unlimited supply of fruits.
    Stay tuned to find out if the trio make the money making machine or not.

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