Peculiar Pencil - Chapter 5 - Conclusion

April 13, 2019

Previously on 'The peculiar Pencil'-

'Finally' said Avery. 'But how will we get all these ingredients?' asked Tiro. They all went back to Tiro's house. For the snake's tooth, we need to go the junglee jungle which is 10 miles away. 'Let's go!' shouted Avery. The journey of a lifetime was started by the sisters along with Tiro towards the junglee jungle.



On the way, they found something mysterious going on. They found that everyone was running for their lives! They had a mixture of emotions in their heads. After a few seconds they saw a magician flying on a magic carpet. 'Oh my gods! It is Norbert!' whispered Tiro. 'The wicked wizard'

'BOW!' screamed Norbert with a look of pride on his face. 'BOW! and you shall live!' Everyone froze and bent their heads. Except Avery and Lucy. 

"OHH! Look! There are new folks in town. I don't think they know the rules of my kingdom. I will give you a last chance because you are newbies. If you don't bow before me I will put you in the wizardry jail.' 

'NO!' said Lucy bravely. Tiro had a desperate look on his face.

'Guards! Put these little impolite worms where they belong. That is...In the Wizardry Jail! HA HA HA HA!!!' 

Tiro desperately got up and in a split second they vanished. When the sisters opened their eyes, they were all in Tiro's house. 

'How did you do that?' asked Lucy surprised. 

'Magic!' said Tiro with a giggle.

They next day Norbert's guards were searching for the 2 sisters and raiding every house to look for them. Then, the guards arrived at Tiro's house. There were loud bangs on Tiro's door. Avery ran to wake Lucy up. When Lucy woke up, she realized that the whole thing was a dream! The person waking her up was not Avery! It was her mom saying, 'Lucy! Wake up! You are late for school!'




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