My experience going to a Dog Resort in India

January 4, 2019

This was the best day for Angel. We had so much fun! I just saw a message saying that India's first dog Resort was open! We had to go. When we saw the website, I got even more tempted to go there because it even had a huge swimming pool! Angel did swim before but she had a bad experience there. This time I had to make her swim happily! And thus....we did go. It was a pretty long drive and the weather was really very hot. The whole thing was not made but it was still good. We were greeted with 2 huge playgrounds and 1 big swimming pool. The resort is called- Petcart.

We let Angel off leash so that she could explore the place and I went exploring too. There was even a pond (for ducks) and one dog went swimming in it! It was fun to watch.

There was a huge boarding area that could keep over 50 dogs. One thing I loved about it is that you could even do a video chat with your dog if you leave it for boarding! There is also pick and drop facility provided. Angel played a lot in the off leash area. She even met many other dogs. But then her body got over heated and she was struggling to find a shady place to relax.

That is why I thought to take her to the pool to cool her down. First obviously she was very scared and refused to go in. Then to make her feel safe, I got into the water too. I think the heat and the confidence that I was there made her swim. This was the first time she swam happily. This was the best part of the trip. Then, she played some more. She hadn't eaten anything at home and even I was hungry. But there was a food truck coming for our rescue. I ate a burger with fries and we even bought Angel a bun to nibble on. And then we played again. Angel had never played so much in her life. There was even a result for it. She slept for 24 hours straight after we cam back home! She had never even slept that much before. Overall it was the best experience for both of us. I really recommend it for you.

Address: PetCart Nest V. Kallahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562125

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