Must Read Books by YouTubers

April 9, 2020

There are many YouTubers who are authors too. They have written all sorts of books ranging from autobiographies to fiction. I myself have read a few. Today I will be telling you about 3 Must Read Books written by YouTubers that I love. Two of the books I didn't even realize were written by YouTubers until after I read them.

1.My Life as Eva - The Struggle is Real:

Age group: All teens

Rating- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Eva is one of my favorite YouTubers and I knew she had written a book a few years ago. I really wanted to read it from a lot of time and when I finally got to read it, I fell in love with it. It's literally the prettiest book I have and the pictures and illustrations are beautiful as heck. All the pages are laminated and the book is hard-bound. So its a little costly but trust me, it's worth it. Its not a story and its not fiction or fantasy. You could call it an autobiography.

Its a book about Eva's life from high school to the person she is right now. She talks about various topics from boys to fake friends to health. She shares her experiences and incidents that took place which made her the person that she is today. She even shares a few recipes that she loves. I have learnt so much by reading this book I can't even tell you. You must read it if you're a teen 'cause the things she teaches you are all the things she learnt when she was a teenager.

The book is filled with her pictures of her first prom to pictures of her in a beach with her friends. In short words, it is a book about how she survived high school and how you can too.

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2. Girl Online By Zoe Sugg:

Age group: 13+



Zoe Sugg is a pretty famous YouTuber and has written a couple of books. I have read the book - Girl Online and it's about a girl called Penny who has anxiety issues from the time she was in a car accident with her parents. She doesn't have many friends, but she feels like getting things off her chest helps her to calm down. That's the reason why she created an anonymous blog in which she writes anything and everything happening in her life from her mental breakdowns to her only friend - Elliot.

Her parents work as wedding organizers. When they get an amazing opportunity to organize a wedding in New York, they can't decline it. This story takes place around Christmas. Penny's parents take her along to New York and they accept to take Elliot too. In New York, Penny meets a gorgeous guitar-strumming American called Noah and suddenly, she is in love.

She captures each and every moment of it on her blog. Her blog is her secret, but little does she know that Noah has a bigger one. A secret that can ruin her cover and her closest friendship forever. Girl Online is a satisfying coming of age tale in the digital world and it has a sequel too. It's called Girl Online - On Tour.

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3. #Find the Girl

Age group- 13+



#Find the Girl is about identical twin sisters who are total opposites and guess what - it is written by identical sisters too - Lucy and Lydia Connell. They are YouTubers too who love to make videos about beauty, fashion and music.

This book is about two twins who are in love with the same band but they are total opposites. Nancy is a popular Instagram star while Nina is a shy classical musician. Nancy really loves a boy, Chase, in the band that they love and hopes to date him someday. But when there is a twist and the wrong twin ends up with Chase, there is tension.

Falling for your best-friend's love is bad, but falling for your twin's is catastrophic. This is when their bonds of twin-ship will be tested like never before. There is a lot of drama especially because it involves a famous band. Overall, its pretty good.

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I hope to  read many more books by Youtubers 'coz there are many and I will write more about them. Watch this space.

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