Mini Book Haul: Series of Unfortunate Events for Readathon from Crossword Bookstore

September 20, 2018

Hey guys, this summer I just visited the Crossword Bookstore in Bangalore and did a small book haul. I purchased a few books to keep me engaged in the vacation. 

I am sure I am going to love all the books and I cant wait to start reading them. Very soon I am planning for a readathon. Hope to do it soon. Thanks for watching this kids book haul and I hope these book recommendations would be suitable to all the teenagers too,

I bought all these books for the book store-Crossword. I even asked my friend for some recommendations before going there. So here is a little information on all the book that I purchased.

The books that I got are:

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Treasure Island

A Dog's Purpose
A series of Unfortunate events book 3
A series of Unfortunate events Book 4

The first 2 books that I got are classics. They are Journey to the center of the Earth and Treasure Island. I had not read any classics in a while so I thought I must read them again. 

Journey to the center of the Earth is a book about the eccentric Professor Lidenbrock, his life of his nephew Axel is changed forever. They find a old piece of paper that leads them on an incredible journey. There begins their adventure thousand of feet under the sea to find what lies at the center of the Earth. This book sound so exciting because I love thrillers a lot- especially about an old parchment ;-) 

The next book says a lot about it from the name itself. Following the demise of bloodthirsty Captain Flint, young Jim Hawkins find himself with the key to a fortune- a map that will lead him to the fabled Treasure Island. But there are many villains, beasts and savages that lie between him and the stash of gold. Not to mention the infamous pirate ever to sail the high seas...

This book sounds so very interesting. Mostly because I have seen the movie and know a bit of the story. I am very excited to read this book.

Then, I got A dog's Purpose- This book will surely be one of the most awesome books I have ever read (mostly because it is about dogs)   

This book is from a dog's point of view. This dog is first born as a stray mutt, but then he is born again as a Golden retriever puppy and this book i about his life, his rebirths and some struggles he had to face. If you haven't read this book and have at least a small amount of liking towards pets then you must read this book. 

Then I also got 2 books in 'the series of unfortunate events. They are- 'The wide window' and 'The miserable Mill'. This series is about 3 children who loose their parents in a fire. A villain called 

Count Olaf decides to adopt them. But he has a plan. He only wants to adopt them because he wants to get his hands on the Baudalaire fortune. Will the children survive in the evil clutches of Count Olaf? have to read the book to find out.

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