Long drive to Sakleshpur during Monsoon

October 2, 2018

I went on another trip! WOO..HOO! But this one was different from the trip to Mahabaleshwar because we went on a drive and not in a train. I even went with my relatives. So it was even more fun. So much happened during the trip and I can not wait to tell u guys about it.

We left our home at about 6:30 am. We had to leave Angel at a day care center. The awesome thing was that it has a ground where the dogs can play and have fun. And guess what! We passed through the day care and we saw Angel happily playing there! I wanted to tell her hi but then she would get anxious and so i could not do it. We drove till Hasan. As we had not eaten any breakfast, we stopped at a restaurant. All my relatives came there and we met them. There was also 'polar bear'- an ice cream shop but we couldn't go there. From there, we went on a long drive till Sakleshpur. We stopped there for some tea and we got going. We reached the resort at about 3:30 pm. It was really beautiful. We had to pass an inclined mud road and unfortunately our car got stuck in the muddy slush and it would not budge. With some help, we made it through. We got 2 huge duplex cottages all for ourselves because there were 21 people who came with us. We played housie and even sat in front of a bonfire at night. As it was rainy and cold there, it was heaven to sit in front of the bonfire. We had dinner at about 9:00 pm.

The next day was awesome. We woke up at around 7:00 am and we went trekking! I had never even gone on such an amazing and tough trek. We walked about 5 km and we even crossed 2 rivers that had waist high water. The water was super clean. This was my favourite part of the trip. I wanted to do something new this trip and i got to do it!

That's what I loved about it. The whole trip was wet and the rain literally never stopped. 2 to 3 pairs of my clothes became wet. I even did another thing that I had never done-I drank 4 cups if tea/coffee every day! I usually drink one cup every week but this vacation i made an exception ;-).

Even that night we had a bonfire but we played songs and everyone danced to the beats! I mean literally EVERYONE! That was so cool. This was our last night there.

The next morning, we went for a walk around the home stay as we had not yet explored it. It was very pretty and there were adventure sports and even a beautiful stream going through the home stay. But then the worst part came...going back home. The drive was again beautiful and we stopped at the same restaurant to eat lunch. We reached home at around 6:00 pm.
The holiday was super fun and i did many things there. This was one of my most memorable vacations ever!

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