How to love your dog on Valentine's Day

February 13, 2019

Valentine's day is here! If you would ask any single dog lover out there who their valentine is, they would surely tell their dog's name. Well....same here! 
Every dog needs some love. Whether it is Valentine's Day or not. Here are a few tricks to understand your dog better and to shower him or her with some love.

1. From the heart - Dogs are smarter than you think. They can sense your feelings. I mean that they can tell if you are angry, sad or happy. They can also sense love. Love your dog from the heart and treat him like your best friend. If there is no pure love, then your dog won't make a bond with you. Your dog will also love you back when you show love. 

2. Talk to him/her - Your dog is not a material thing and you don't buy a dog - That's why we always say, 'I adopted a dog!' and not, 'I bought a dog!' You can always talk to your dog like a person. I know obviously he will not reply back or answer you your math homework problems but he will sure listen. I have literally felt better after talking to Angel. She just sits and listens patiently. Do that with your dog too!

3. Go on walks together - Going on walks regularly truly makes your bond with your dog stronger. A few years back, whenever I asked Angel to do something, she would NEVER listen! Like, Never!! But later on I started training her and taking her on walks and guess what - She listens to me a lot more!

4. ListenAgain, I know dogs can't talk. But you can surely understand it's feelings by reading his body language. Just like babies can't talk but their mothers always know what they are saying. That's why we say 'pet parents' and not 'dog owner' - try and learn to read your dog's body language to understand your dog better. 

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5. Take your dog on hikes - This is literally my most favorite thing to do with Angel. I love adventure and going on a hike with Angel? Hell yeah!! I had actually taken my camera the day we had gone hiking but guess what - The battery got over the moment I switched it on! I was so angry! I had taken some shots on the phone but I was not satisfied and so I did not post it. 

I am sure you will shower lots of love on your dearest pooch this Valentine's day. Here's a dog toy that you might want to gift your doggie dear as a token of love. What's more, it comes with free dog treats too!

Frustrated with your dog destroying dog toys in minutes to hours? This Classic Kong Toy will last forever. Its strong yet soft on dog's teeth and gives you the flexibility of filling it up with food of your choice, so that your pooch enjoys a short snack and keeps him busy too. Check out my article on HOW TO FILL UP A KONG TOY AND 50 INGREDIENTS TO STUFF A KONG TOY. I have explained in detail the benefits of Kong toy and how dog toys can help your dog.

Peace out!


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