How do dogs communicate with us - 10 simple tips to understand a dog's body language

May 20, 2018

Dogs Do Speak, only to those who know how to listen...

We fail to read our dogs body language and their expressions often times missing out on a large amount of communication that our pooch is trying to communicate to us.

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How to understand what your pooch is trying to tell you?

Sometimes, we miss the most simplest and the most easiest of the dog's communication with us. When the dog is trying tell us something and we ignore, we end up in misunderstanding our dog's requirements.Here is a list of Angel's (my golden retriever) most simple communications that we understand easily:

1. Brings you something: If your dog brings you something, even maybe your shoes, it wants to play. Try spending a lot of time with it because it is just like your sibling/family member. Give it treats after you play so that your dog will look forward to it even more. If you really can't play, keep it involved in some other activity.

2. Barks: This may be because it wants to tell you something. My dog barks when it wants water or it wants to play. Barking may be for various reasons, you would understand why your dog barks over its lifetime if you pay attention to it.

3. Stiff body and ears upright: Your dog does this because it is alert or insecure. It may have heard something peculiar or spotted it's friend (another dog) or maybe a cat!

4. Whines: Your dog can do his for many reasons- eg. sad, lonely or maybe something he or she is uncomfortable with.

5. Showing teeth, stiff tail, and growling: Your dog is showing aggression. Please try to stop it. This doesn't mean you hit or shout at it. You can see Cesar Millan's videos on YouTube for more information. Cesar Millan is world's most famous and trusted dog behaviorist with TV shows like Dog Whisperer, Cesar 911, Leader of the Pack, etc.

6. Tail between legs: When a dog puts its tail between its legs, the meaning is that it is scared. You can see this case in homeless dogs/street dogs when out of their own territory. This can also lead to aggression. 

7. Panting: They usually do this when it is hot. But if it is not, this means that they are stressed. Try to stop the activity that is making the dog stressed.

8. Lies down or tummy faces upward: This shows submission. Or maybe your pooch just wants a belly rub.

9. Tilts the head: The dog is confused. It is trying to understand what you are trying to communicate with him. But it is the CUTEST expression that you can get from your dog. Comment below if you agree!

10. Wags it's tail: This shows that the dog is friendly, happy or excited. If the body is loose (not stiff) and if a dog is wagging it's tail smoothly, you know that it is safe to pet or is friendly.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Thank you.

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