Golden Retriever enjoys Pedigree Jumbone dog treats - Visit to a Pet Supplies Shop

July 23, 2018

Angel had run out of her shampoo and we needed to make her bath. So,we visited a pet shop to buy some dog supplies for Angel. We went to the nearest pet shop to get some. Angel loves going to the pet store until and unless she gets some treats on the house. By her body language we can surely tell that she loves car rides. (mostly because she gets to put her head out of the car and feel the fresh air on her fur) But sometimes she becomes too lazy and doesn't want to come out of the house. Not even for walks! and when we are going somewhere we cannot take her, she wants to come with us. It's a small shop for our quick needs. It had so many toys and innumerable brands of dog food🐶. It was small and it did not have all the brands that we use. But if we tell the owner to get a particular brand or a product, he will surely do so. We purchased Clinar-M shampoo since the Wahl oatmeal shampoo that we use regularly was not in stock at the store. As there were not many toys there, we did not buy Angel a toy. Instead, she got Pedigree Jumbone Chicken and Rice chews!!! 👅 YUMM...There was Pedigree Jumbone Mini and Pedigree Jumbone Medium. We chose the later. Last time when we had been there we had purchased Pedigree Dentastix for Angel. Being a Golden Retriever, a big dog, she loves to eat all that she can. Needless to say, she loved both the Dentastix as well as Jumbone. See how she is enjoyed chewing up the Jumbone that we gave her.


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