15 Things I want to do in my summer vacation

May 6, 2018

Hello friends! Welcome back. It's summer time!! My summer vacation just started, and I have 2 whole months to do whatever I want!!! I made a list of 15 things that I want to do in my summer vacation. I wanted to tell you guys about it. So here we go...

1. Firstly, I want to learn photography. I don't know why but I am developing an interest in photography. I want to learn more and take more pictures! And that is going to be better 'cause I got a new camera!! It is a Power Shot G7X Mark II and I will be able to take better pictures with it.

2. I also want to learn to make videos and also editing mostly because you need to learn that to make my good YouTube videos.

3. I even want to learn horse riding. I developed this interest sometime back. There is a horse riding school near our home, and I want to give it a try!

4. Cooking is my hobby, and I want to continue it. So I want to do more cooking. During my exams, I used to cook as a refreshing break from studies.

3. I also want to take Angel - My Golden Retriever dog - on a beach because she has never gone to a beach.

4. Then, I want to make Angel swim as she has never done that before and I want her to become a water dog! Since it is summer time, it is pretty hot and I'm sure Angel will love some cool water splashes.

5. I  want to make more more paintings as I love to paint.

These are some of the doodles I have done;


6. I want to read more books as I am a bookworm and I did not have much time to read story books during my exam time. Now I have a lot of time during my summer vacation, and I want to use it.

7. I love shopping and I want to shop more!

8. Then of course, I want to make more YouTube videos and get more subscribers.

 9. And also I want to write more blogs as I love writing and I also want to improve my writing skills.

10. I also want to take Angel on a hike. As I want Angel (and also me) to connect with nature and I want to go on long walks with her.

11. I even want to go to Toys R Us. It has newly opened in a nearby mall and I want to go and visit it.

12. I want to make more Facebook posts as I am not so regular on it. Nevertheless you can go visit it.

13. I want to buy some video games as I have 2 consoles but no game.

14. I want to watch many movies as I love watching them. I hope to do a movie marathon some day.

15. Last thing but surely not the least, I want to teach Angel new tricks and make her a good girl.

Hope you like the list of my 15 things that I want to do in my summer vacation. Even you guys can do some  of these things if you want to. Stay tuned for my next blog. BYE!!

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