5 Books to read in Summer Holidays!!

May 8, 2018

Yippee!! I got 5 new books!! Now that my summer vacation has started, I will be reading more books. All the books I had were finished reading, so we went to Crossword Bookstore to buy some books. I had a tough time selecting books. Then finally, I selected 5 books. All of them are listed below.

1. A Series of Unfortunate Events Book 3: The third book is called 'The Wide Window' It is written by the author Lemony Snicket. It is even made into a motion picture which I saw the movie on Amazon Prime and I really liked it. I thought that I must read the books too. I read the first book on kindle and I wanted to read more. There are 13 books in all. This book is about the 3 Baudelaire children - Violet, Klaus and Sunny. In this book, they go to live with their aunt Josephine. There is a very horrible person called Count Olaf who wants the Baudelaire fortune all for himself. So, he goes on killing all the guardians of the children thinking that later the children will come to him, and he can take the fortune. You can buy the books online on Amazon below:

2. A Series of Unfortunate Events Book 4: I got two books of this series. This book is called 'The Miserable Mill' In this book, the Baudelaire children go to live in Lucky smells lumbermill. But they later get to know that they have to work there. It is a horrible place, and they have to sleep in a pale grey building without windows. How horrible is that??

3. Treasure Island: This book is written by the author Robert Louis Stevenson. This book is about a boy called Jim Hawkins who finds himself with the key to a fortune - a map that leads to a treasure island. This book is a classic and about the journey of Jim Hawkins.

4. Journey to the Centre of the Earth: I got this another classic. This book is written by Jules Verne. The book is very similar to Treasure island. A boy called Axel finds a piece of parchment that leads him to an incredible adventure leading him thousands of feet under the sea.

5. A Dog's Purpose: I have been wanting to read this book from so long. This book is written by W. Bruce Cameron. It is a bestseller and also a blockbuster motion picture. It is not classified into children's books but I surely liked it. It is written from a dog's point of view and is in simple words. If you are planning to buy a dog or even if you have one, you must read this book.

6. Jughead and Archie Comics Double Digest: Other than these books, I also got a few Archie's digests. Archies series is the first that I've purchased this time. Also I love doodling, so I got a plain book for doodling. I will surely show the doodles or drawings that I do later on. So stay tuned. BYE!!! 

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