Adventure at Dog park at the Elephant Pond, Bangalore

May 7, 2019

My trip to Elephant Pond was very memorable as Angel learnt to swim here!
An off-leash dog park with agility equipment that help train your dog along with a huge natural pond in the middle of a forest for your dog to learn swimming! This is the best place where your pooch can train, exercise and have fun with his/her 'furiends' and you get to enjoy with yours!

Oh yeah! We had taken Angel to swim also to PetCart Nest and another dog friendly swimming pool but she didn't really like it there. This was actually a fluke. Me and my family along with some of our friends with their dogs had gone for an outing to Elephant Pond. It is actually a reserve forest area.

About the Dog Park

Many years ago, the area used to be a forest and the pond there was used by elephants to drink water, and thus the name. Now it has been converted into a dog park. There are a lot of trees around it. 

When we enter the area, we can see a car parking space. From there we can take our pooches inside to the off leash area.
It is a pretty big space where we can ditch the leash and let our dogs be free and run around as much as we like. Agility equipment are also placed there. The owners have thoughtfully placed some water bowls for the dogs to drink from for the dogs. Just adjacent to the off-leash area, is the huge natural pond which gives the place its name. The only thing you must remember is that you must call and inform the owner the day and time that you will be visiting the place. There is also a small canteen which provides you simple food.

Angel's Swimming Adventure

When we took our dogs there, they were just running  around and not even looking at the water. While running, Angel slipped and fell into the water. As it was natural, the place Angel fell was not deep. She was trying to come out but she ended up going deeper inside. That's when her inner dog instincts of a Golden Retriever was triggered, and she started swimming! She was shocked as me! I got scared and started calling her to come outside. But the moment she realized the pleasure of swimming, she just took off! She swam and swam with everyone cheering her on. She literally went to the center of the pond, and it was the deepest part! I literally threw her a ball to the other side of the pond, and she went swimming to get it! The distance was about 30 feet! It was the longest she had ever swam.

Can you spot the five dogs above?
Us hoomans and especially our pooches enjoyed immensely there, and it was a very memorable trip that I will cherish forever! Make sure you call up and confirm your arrival before your go.

Dog Park at the Elephant Pond

Address-  Ragihalli State Forest, Karnataka 562 112

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