Golden Newsletter #3- Do I like posing and being in front of the camera for YouTube?

September 2, 2019

This is a debatable question. But let me give you my answer....

Hello my Golden fans! This is Angie the Golden giving you latest 'pupdates' of her fabulous life! Today I will be telling you if I like being in front of the camera for YouTube. As I told you, this is debatable. My hooman makes all kinds of videos about me. In some, I get loads of cuddles and pettings. Like the video Hugging my Dog for too long.Now THESE are the videos that I like. So if we are shooting these kind of videos, then I am more than happy to be a part of it. I mean, I love doing this so much that I literally go out for walks only to meet people, get pettings and obviously to 'do my job'.Another type of videos that I like is food and treat reviews.

I will let you in on another secret. But this is only if you promise me not to tell anybody. Instead, share this post to tell them. Promise? Ok. I like treats and food more than my hoomans. Yup. It is true. But PLEASE don't let this secret information get to my hoomans. If they get to know this, they will stop giving me treats! And you know how pressurizing and horrific that is! So please just support this lost Doggo. 

So that's why I love these treat reviews. 'Cause I get treats!

But then there is the other kind..... 

The one that I hate.....

As I told you, my hooman makes all kinds of videos. And unfortunately that includes the videos in which she troubles me.😥

So sometimes she troubles me while making videos like- Booping my dog for too long and in others she tries to scare me and shoots my reaction to some nasty things around the house. And let us Doggos be real. Many of our hoomans' stuff scare us. Once she tried to expose me to a nasty and sticky tomato. 

But I did learn to be not scared of it at the end of the video. So these are the videos I am not happy to be a part of. But I still do it for the love and happiness of my hooman and obviously 'cause I get treats at the end.


I also love my viewers so that's one plus point of being a YouTuber. Another thing is that my hooman has made so many friends because of me and YouTube. So I guess that the plus points are more in number so I guess I will continue on with my journey on YouTube! 

This is it for today. Angie the Golden says Over and Out! BYE!

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