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May 23, 2018

Hello guys. Welcome back to my blog. I wanted to tell you guys all the books that I love. You can also call this a recommendation. These are the books that I loved and you will love too!

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1. Archie's digests: This is about a boy called Archie. He is in high school. And these magazines are all about the adventures( misadventures rather) about Archie and his friends. This magazine is similar to Tinkle. There are many versions of these magazines. You also get monthly subscription and also double digests.

2.  Dork Diaries: This is about a girl called Nikki and this book is written by her and it is her diary. It is all about her life in middle school.  There is a mean girl called Mackenzie and is the school bully. But she hypnotises everyone by her beauty into liking her. This is also a series and the latest book is called 'Crush Catastrophe'. I absolutely love this series and I am waiting for the next book to release. It is very similar to 'The diary of a wimpy kid'. But this is a bit girly. 

3.  Old Classics: Next some are some classics. I have read 'Black beauty' and I liked it a lot. It is about a horse and it's life written from the horse's point of view. Then I also liked'The wonderful wizard of Oz' and 'Jane Eyre'. If you like literature then you must read these books.

4. Harry Potter series: Then, it is of course 'Harry Potter'. It is so famous that half of the people reading this blog would have already read the whole series. It is about a boy called Harry who gets to know that he is a wizard when he turns 11.

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5. Middle School series: If you like Dork diaries, then you will like this too. The best thing in this book is the drawings. It is very cartoony and awesome.

6. Goosebumps: There are many books in this series, but they are not a continuation and they are not related. All the books are stories about ghosts or other creepy stuff. 

7. The Famous Five: This series is about 4 kids and a dog and all the adventures they have. It is written by the famous author Enid Blyton. 

8. Wonder: Wonder is about a boy whose face is deformed and it is about his life in middle school. First everyone hates him because of his face. But later on everyone becomes his friends. Wanna know how? Read the book to find out.

9. The Faraway Tree: There are 3 book stores in this series. Even this book is written by Enid Blyton.  It is about three children and behind there house lies the enchanted forest. They later on get to know that in there lies the Faraway tree. This tree is the most amazing tree ever. Read the book to know more.

10. Percy Jackson books: Last but surely not the least, it is 'Percy Jackson' This book is also very similar to Harry Potter. But it has more of Greek mythology. There are many you books in this series.

Hope you like the recommendations that I suggested for you. BYE!!

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