Aroma Groom Dog Perfume Review

October 3, 2019

Ever wished your doggie smelled fresh and sweet all the time? Have you felt your pooch smells yucky because he's just rolled over in the rubbish on the roadside and the stink won't go even after cleaning him? Then you need this - I recently got some dog perfumes from Just Dogs and I was instantly in love with them.
What is this thing?
Made with extracts of nature, Spirit Keiskie is a special deodorizing spray for dogs. It's just not a deodorizing spray or perfume! It has many other properties that helps your dog to stay healthy.

What does it do?

First of all, it makes your dog smell fresh and nice and repels other unfriendly odours. Spirit Keiskei dog deodorizing spray leaves your dog smelling fresh and clean. It also reduces itchiness, moisturizes the skin and keeps the coat healthy. Spirit Keiskei also helps the skin by reducing inflammation and by keeping all fungal infections at bay. Moreover, it is very helpful in summers as it has cooling properties.

The best feature is that it also repels ticks and fleas. This perfume is all-in-one!

It does more than what we expect it to do!.

When I first looked at it, I thought that it is like a regular perfume. You know, the one which makes your dog smell good. But it has so many features! This one smells like green apple- fresh and nature-like. It is advised to spray it on your dog right after the bath. By this, the scent lasts longer.

What Angel, my Golden Retriever, thinks about it:

Initially, Angel was a bit scared of the spray. She relates every strong smell to the tick spray that we put on her. So she just runs away every time I take the perfume bottle out. When I sprayed it on, she reacted similarly to the perfume, by violently rubbing her nose to the couch (she does this for all smells and sprays!), but a couple of minutes and that was about it. The scent lasts for about 4-5 days if I spray about 4-5 times.


Make sure you don't spray too much at one time. The scent might be too overwhelming for your dog. 

For a small dog like a shih tzu or chihuahua, 1-2 sprays are good enough. For a medium dog like a beagle or cocker spaniel, 2-3 sprays are enough. For a large dog like a golden retriever or labrador retriever, 4-5 sprays are enough. For a giant dog like newfoundland or St. Bernard, 5-6 sprays are enough.

Aroma Groom Straw Flower is yet another dog perfume spray that is available. This one smells like rose water but the cover mentions it has a scent of lily. So this one is on the floral side whereas the green one smells more fresh and nature-like.

Aroma Groom products  

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