The Grasshopper Horror(Imaginary story)

December 7, 2017

This was a nightmare! In my school, there was a girl called Meena. She was a prankster. Every new boy or girl that came to our class, was pranked. Well, I was pranked too. She had a method. First, she would become friends and try to know their strengths and weaknesses. She became my friend too. My weakness is insects. Especially grasshoppers. They look horrible and scary! The moment she got to know my weakness, her brain started working overtime. She thought of a prank because she loved to prank her friends. First, she went to a botanical garden where there were many insects. She took tiny boxes everyday and collected grasshoppers. In a week, she had collected over 50 grasshoppers!!!

The moment she got to know my weakness, her brain started working overtime.

She kept all of them in a bag until the bag was full, and she fed the grasshoppers with grass and leaves. On my birthday, she gave me the bag. "There is a special gift for you in the bag. Open the bag only in the recess." she said. "All my classmates will want to see the gift" I did as she told me. She called everybody, and I saw here winking at a few of her close friends but I didn't realize her trick. "Open the bag in 3, 2, 1, go!" shouted Meena. I opened it. Aahhh grrhh! I screamed. Over a hundred grasshoppers flew out of the bag! They were all over the classroom. All the classmates were shouting and screaming. The class teacher came over rushing to our class when she heard our commotion and my scream. Everyone except the class teacher and me roared with laughter. Tears flowed down my cheeks, and I was left weeping in the class and Meena.....she was on her way to Principal's office to be punished for letting loose so many grasshoppers in the class! 

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