The BFG (Dahl Fiction) - Book Summary - Books by Roald Dahl

November 16, 2017

Sofie, an 8-year-old child who lives in an orphanage, wouldn't get any sleep one day. Then, she saw something black, something black and very tall. She saw a hand appearing through the window and she hid under the vain. She was carried away into the Giant country. Sofie thought that she would be eaten raw by the giant. But no! this giant was the friendliest, kindest, and also the non-human eating giant! Sofie called him as the BFG or the Big Friendly Giant. The BFG told Sofie all about his life - being teased by the other huge, unfriendly human-eating giants, being tossed like a ball by them. He also told her what he eats - Snozzcumbers. These are the most yucky-tasting vegetables on earth! Ewww! He drinks Frosbscottle - a green drink. This book is all about the adventures Sofie and BFG have together and also the revenge they take against the other 9 giants by setting up a trap in a pit. Read this book to know how. Hope you liked The BFG book summary; and if you want, you can buy the bfg book online from Amazon: Buy The BFG book and also check out Amazon Roald Dahl Books page.



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