Sunday Vlog - Itsy Bitsy Craft Store, Famous Five Books, Dogspotting and More

September 22, 2017

Hello friends, this is my first Sunday vlog. Thought I will update you on how I spent my last couple of days and a new update.

We had been to itsy bitsy to buy some accessories to make crop t-shirt which I want to make soon. I purchased some beads, tapes etc. I hope to be able to make one soon.

I also got two books to read from my friend. One is Famous Five - Five go on hike together and The naughtiest girl - Helps a friend. I already finished reading the Famous Five book and will start with The Naughtiest Girl soon.

Also I wanted to tell you guys about a story I am writing. It is about me as a girl with 2 sisters and 2 brothers who shares her adventures in a new tree house they move into and their adventures. Hope I will be able to complete it soon. It is a fantasy story and hope will come out nicely.

I also spotted a huge Saint Bernard dog and a German Shepard yesterday. I was fun dogspotting and I loved to see the St. Bernard dog after a long time which is very uncommon here.

That's all folks! Thanks for watching and keep watching. Bye.



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