String lights Super Easy lighting using fairy lights in bottle - Simple DIY Home Decor

October 26, 2017

Diwali is the hindu festival of lights, and that is why I am making a mini bulb String lights Super Easy lighting using fairy lights in bottle. This simple DIY home decor looks awesome and uses a few clear colored bottles - either plastic or glass, and a few christmas string lights, also called fairy lights or rice lights. To make this DIY interesting, I used Orbeez beeds or orbeez balls that I soaked up overnight for the project. The christmas string lights that I got are available in white and yellow in two sizes 3 meters and 5 meters and also either USB powered or battery operated.

Beauty Lights 5M 50 Led Bulbs Usb Copper String Led Lights ,Warm White


Orbeez Color Pack Refill Kit 7 Colors Includes 1,000 Orbeez




But I suggest, you buy locally, they are so cheap. I simply pushed the fairy lights inside the bottles which I purchased for cheap from Metro Cash and Carry. Since the bottles are clear, transparent, and colored, the white mini led christmas lights looks epic especially in dimly lit room and can be placed in a corner as an attractive home decor piece.


In one of the bottle, which was transparent and not colored, I placed these mini bulb string lights first in the bottle and then poured the multi-colored Orbeez balls into the bottle. The result? It looked awesome!!! The result is there for you to see :-)

This is so simple yet so super easy and simple that anybody and fix up within minutes with all the items ready in hand. Do try it out at home and I am sure you will love it :-)

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