Stress Relief Calming Mason Jar Craft with Glitter

January 10, 2018

Hi Guys, this super simple DIY glitter mason jar with or without glitter glue is wonderful Christmas stress relief aid. It is also called galaxy glitter jar and can be made also using glycerin or corn starch syrup. The trick is in getting the glitter to float for sufficient time in the liquid and not sink immediately. You can enjoy watching floating glitter in the jar and spend time if stressed out.

The materials required are:

1. A couple of mason jars with handle (with lids that don't have straw holes).

2. Glitter (a couple of colors)

3. Silver glitter.

3. Glitter glue or clear glue.

4. Corn starch solution or glycerin.

The method is to simply mix glue with glitter and fill up the mason jar with water. Make sure you mix enough glue and water so that your glitter is suspended in the liquid for at least 20 to 30 seconds. If you add excess water, the glitter will sink too soon. If you add more glue, the glitter may not move well enough. So fill up the mason jar to at least one-third the jar and keep adding water and some glitter. Stop when you feel the it is becoming too thin a liquid. Then add more glue and continue adding water. Do this until you fill up the jar - each time adding more glitter at every stage. Add sliver glitter to increase the shine of the colored glitter. Keep this roughly 2:1 ratio.

You could use corn starch or glycerin to get good consistency along with glitter glue and clear glue.


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