Roald Dahl - Esio Trot - Book Summary India

March 18, 2020

Esio Trot is one of the best-sellers written by Roald Dahl. Here is the summary-


Mr. Hoppy loves Mrs. Silver. Mrs. Silver loves Alfie the tortoise. Sometimes Mr. hoppy just wishes he could become a tortoise. Until one day he finds a way to win Mrs. Silver’s heart, with the help of a little magic and some cabbage……

Mr. Hoppy lived in a small flat high up in a tall concrete building. There were two loves in Mr. Hoppy’s life. One was the flowers he grew in his balcony and his second one he kept it a secret to himself. It was Mrs. Silver. He had always hoped for doing something tremendous like saving her life from a huge gang of armed thugs. The trouble was that she loved somebody else. It was her small pet tortoise, Alfie. One day, Mr. Hoppy saw something that changed his life. “I wish he grew a bit faster” Mrs. Silver was saying to Mr. Hoppy from her balcony. An idea struck in Mr .Hoppy’s head. What if he would make Alfie grow bigger! Mrs. Silver begged him to tell her how to make him get bigger. Mr. Hoppy went inside, wrote down a few words on a sheet of paper and sent it down to Mrs. Silver.



                                                     EMOC NO, ESIO TROT.

                                                     WORG PU, FFUP PU PU, TOOHS PU.

                                                    GNIRPS PU, WOLB PU, LLEWS PU.

                                                    EGROG! ELZZUG! FFUTS! PLUG!

                                                   TUP NO TAF, ESIO TROT, TUP NO TAF.

                                                   TEG NO, TEG NO! ELBBOG DOOF!

Mrs. Silvers was shocked! Mr. Hoppy told Mr.Silver to tell these words to Alfie everyday.

Mrs.Silver did what she was told.

Everyday, she would read out the poem to Alfie. Everyday, Mr. Hoppy would buy a tortoise that was a little bit bigger that Alfie, sneak into Mrs. Silver's home and replace the bigger one with Alfie! Every few days he would do this. Mrs. Silvers believed that Alfie was growing bigger because of the poem! 

Will Mr.Hoppy get Mrs.Silver’s love? Read esio trot to find out.


This book can be read by the children between the age 5-10.

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