Revealed - My Personal Diary Entries - 5 years of diary writing habit and my secret diary with lock and key

October 31, 2017

Hi guys, this is not something that most kids of my age do, but I have had this habit of writing diaries since the age of 6 or 7 and though the diary for writing I had were beautiful, the entries were not so beautiful LoL. I had beautiful and different kinds of diary for girls and those diaries for girls with lock and key. The entries I made were my thoughts as a very small kid and the reflect my state of mind. I show you some of my daily diary books and personal diary that I have had and read out some of my diary writing topics. Hope you like it. I will read out some of the diary writing topics from my daily diary pages. Hope you like this video.

If you are wondering how to write and hide a diary try these below diaries: Butterfly diary, Barbie Book of Secrets, COI closed organisers diary and planner for kids with lock 2017 organiser(blue)Craft Play Handicraft Wonderful world Print Special Binding With Lock.


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