RC cars India - Maisto Tech Rock Crawler 3XL Monster truck unboxing

September 4, 2019

When you're searching for cheap rough terrain RC trucks, it tends to be hard to discover something that really performs well when you bring it into the harsh landscape. Maisto's Rock Crawler Extreme is a special case to this. In spite of the fact that it can't rival the best grade RC beast trucks, it's positively at the highest point in its group for toy-grade radio controlled trucks.
As a rough terrain vehicle, the Rock Crawler Extreme highlights huge tires, full suspension, and four-wheel drive. Its tires are delicate for greatest grasp on wet surfaces, and they work amazingly well for crawling over rocks, logs or whatever else you may go over.

The Maisto Tech Rock Crawler's full suspension comprises of delicate springs and a strong hub. This means you get a great deal of out of your suspension, making it more unlikely to flip over on uneven landscapes. In spite of the fact that this is anything but a special, few toy-grade vehicles pull it off as much as this RC truck.
This machine requires six AA batteries, which are excluded. Despite the fact that its running speed may appear to be moderate, speed isn't what this vehicle is intended for. The Rock Crawler is purposefully structured to be progressively favorable for extreme uneven surfaces like rocky terrain. In any case, the more slow speeds imply that this vehicle is perfect for small kids who are less adept at controlling a fast vehicle.

The RC truck comes with a single-handed grip transmitter which is reasonably small in size for little children. Note that you're either full throttle or nothing by all means, which isn't that terrible considering its low top speed. Batteries are excluded with the remote, so you need to buy extra two AAA batteries.

Maisto offers tech support for the Rock Crawler Extreme by telephone or email. It additionally incorporates a 30-day guarantee against manufacturing defects. Just like the case with most toy-grade RC autos, replacement or overhaul parts are not available from the company.

The Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme isn't the quickest RC truck out there, however, it exceeds expectations in the most grueling uneven rocky terrains and moves over enormous hindrances staggeringly well. Huge tires for grip, full suspension for smooth drive, and four-wheel drive for the rocks - make this one of the most skilled toy-level rough terrain RC vehicles available.


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