Golden Retriever dog plays with Lab Retriever puppy

August 29, 2019

We have a new neighbour! And...They have puppy! The play-date was just fate!

Two people can easily become friends if they both love dogs. That's what happened with us. With time we planned a play-date in our house. The cute labrador puppy was named Rocky. He is adorable, playfull, energetic and loves exploring. 

They got extremely excited when they met each other. After they sniffed each other, Rocky explored our house and made sure that all was well. 

But when they started getting rough, Rocky got scared and hid under the dining table and didn't come out for a long time. Angel waited for him patiently. As Rocky is a brave little puppy, he came out and finally felt at home with Angel. But he was a little too brave. He started playing rough with Angel. As he was a puppy and he loved to chew on things because of his toothing, he started nipping Angel's ears and fur. Angel didn't really like that but she was patient and didn't snap at him. She has a motherly character. How much ever you irritate her or annoy her, she tolerates everything and if it gets too much, all she does is walk away. That's what she did to Rocky too. She probably knew that he was just a little kid and wanted to chew on things, So she just climbed on the couch and stayed there.

But she was happy that she got a new friend and kept wagging her tail whenever Rocky came to her. She knew that his teething would stop after a few days and they could get along better. 

This was Angel's short but memorable encounter with the puppy Rocky





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