My Top 10 Favorite Series - Best Children's Books 2017

September 21, 2017

Today I have for you top 10 series of children's books I love the most:
1. First, The Harry Potter series. There are eight books in this series. They are really good and I bet you will love them. It is written by the most famous author who is  J K Rowling.
2. Second, Horrid High. I have summarized the first one which is given in the description below and there are 2 books in this series. I have reviewed it and that is why I am not going to talk much about it. Please watch it here: Review of Horrid High by Payal Kapadia.
3. The next one is Dork diaries. This is one of my favorites too. There are 13 of them in this series. It is about a girl called Nikky Maxwell and her not-so-fabulous life. This book is actually her diary and she first started writing in it when her mom got it for her birthday. 
4. The next one is the Faraway Tree series. I have reviewed this series too and so please watch it. The link is given here.
5. Then is the Malory Tower series. This is about a hostel and the fun and adventures the children there have. It is really good and I hope this will be your favorite.

6. Now comes the St. Clares series. It is very similar to the Malory Towers and if you like Malory Towers I am sure you will like this series too.
7. Then, Geronimo Stilton. This series has almost 50 books all together! They are so very good that you cannot put it down. It is about a mouse village and about the mouselets there.
8. Now, The Roald Dahl books. This is actually an author and not series. Roald Dahl has also written a lot of books but they are not about one topic. There are different kinds which you will love. 
9. Here is the next book, Tinkle. This again is not exactly a series, but a magazine and also includes Digests.  There are over a thousand of them. It is written by the most famous Indian author, Ananth Pai. There are also subscriptions you can make by which you can get Tinkle digests and magazines every month.
10. Finally, the Famous Five series. I have reviewed the 9th book and you can surely watch it and so I will not talk about it much.

And now I am in the end of this video. Thanks for watching and please like, subscribe, comment and share as much as you can. BYE!

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