Kids Sleepover in India - What we did at a slumber party - Kids have fun Sunday activities

September 23, 2017

Hi guys, we had a kids sleepover party at my home this summer. It was Sunday and we were thinking of fun Sunday activities to do. Kids Slumber party was a nice idea. My BFFs came over to my home the morning and we had a lot of fun watching movies, and enjoyed good sleepover food. We play indian rummy cards, went riding my RC monster truck, and played lot of fun sleepover games. It was sort of a tween sleepover actually. We had a fun filled day with a lot of fun things to do at a sleepover and activities and ideas. We kids had slumber party all day but at night we were exhausted and slept early like all good kids :-). Our this year's kids slumber party was really fun filled with lot of activities for kids. We had a lot of fun things to do at home. We hope to have one again soon.



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