How to stop puppies and dogs from chewing. Benefits of large dog chews, chew toys, and dog bones.

September 22, 2017

Chewing becomes undesirable, although it is normal behaviour for puppies and dog, when your dog starts chewing everything, especially when a large dog chews your personal things like shoes, furniture, household items, and even your hands and legs. It is neither possible nor desirable to try to stop this chewing because it is a natural instinctive behaviour. Instead the focus should be on keeping your dog busy by providing him something really interesting to chew on yet which is safe for him. This will also keep the dog mentally stimulated. Some puppies have more tendency to chew than others and hence would be more destructive in the household than others. While some dogs might seem to have more chewing habit but in fact are just plain bored due to lack of exercise, company, and mental stimulation. Is your dog exercised well? Do you spend enough time with him or her? Do you play with your puppy enough? Does your dog or puppy have company at home throughout the day? Chewing habit arises out of any of above situations. Try to address the issues first, help your dog stay happy by exercising, playing interactive and physical games. In spite of and in addition to all of the above, some chewing instincts can be fulfilled by dog chews, dog bone, all natural dog chews, etc.

Dogs resort to chewing due to stress, boredom, lack of company, mental stimulation, lack of exercise, etc. These need to be addressed first, and then the natural instinct of chewing may be fulfilled using dog chews.

Angel - The golden retriever puppy - plays with a large dog chews which are one of the best things for dogs to chew because it is long lasting dog chew and best indestructible dog toys. Chew treats for dogs also help in this regard. You could also give them bully sticks, antlers for dogs, himalayan dog chews, etc. You can buy Kong Toys from Amazon.

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