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October 11, 2019

This is Part 3 of my Google tricks blogs. (Scroll down to see the the links of first two.) Google just recently celebrated its 19th Birthday coming out with a brand new Google Birthday surprise spinner. This is essentially a spinner wheel of fortune with 19th of Google's best google doodles.


These are one of the best featured google doodle games and interactive google doodles by Google in the past including tic-tac-toe, a Beethoven's 245th birthday, a new snake game, Halloween special game, and even google birthday surprise spinner cricket which is ICC Champions cricket specially for India and other cricket playing countries.
This google spinner also features the Google Maps feature of street view with the Galapagos Island "under water" street view project!!! I have covered a few of my favorites in this video and the list of Google Doodles is as below:
1. ICC Champions Cricket Trophy 2017
2. Earth Day Quiz
3. Birth of Hip Hop Anniversary
4. Breathing Exercise
5. Wilbur Scoville Birthday
6. Halloween Special Game
7. Clara Rockmore Theremin Lesson
8. Pony Express Anniversary

My Google tricks and effects are made in 3 parts the first one being:7 cool Google tricks and fun facts: Do a barrel roll, Google gravity, I'm feeling lucky
The second google tricks is games special and the link is below:Google Spinner Tricks and Secrets - 6 cool Google games: Part 2

This is  the part 3 of my google doodle games series, I have a detailed video on how to play cricket google game for free:

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