DIY Optical Illusion - Arts and Crafts for Children

January 30, 2018

This is a simple optical illusion DIY project that I made. It is not very difficult and can be done as part of art and crafts for kids and children younger than my age. It is so simple !! It uses small gift boxes used for Christmas tree decorations and creates an illusion of gifts falling from a free standing cup or container in a mid air. It creates 3D optical illusions if you look from a certain angle of the gift boxes falling from out of no where. It looks awesome! Do try it out. It is very easy DIY project. Enjoy.

Things you will require:

1. At least 24 small gift boxes that you use for Christmas tree decorations.

2. Glue gun or any fast drying glue.

3. A light weight paper cup or container.

4. Some newspaper or a Z-shaped metal strip to act as a stand.

5. A solid cardboard base.

Here is the link you can buy Glue Gun with Free Hot Melt Glue Sticks (2 Pcs) from Amazon

To begin with take the cardboard base and stick a Z-shaped paper roll (see video) or a metal strip on to the base. Once done, stick the cup in a way that it covers the upper part of the Z-shape. Then start sticking all the boxes to cover up the remaining Z-shaped paper roll. Make sure you have more boxes at the bottom and less on the top to give it a more natural falling appearance. Also cover up any spaces where the Z-shape stand is seen. Once done, it will appear as if the cup is hanging in mid air and boxes are falling out of it. It looks awesome! Do try it out from the left over Christmas decoration boxes. This would be a good weekend DIY art and craft project for children.

I hope you will be able to create this awesome yet simple 3D optical illusion DIY. Try it out and you will enjoy it!

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