Google Spinner Tricks and Secrets - 6 cool Google games: Part 2

October 20, 2017

Watch Google pacman, google surprise spinner, and other cool tricks and secrets in the 6 Google games tricks. So Google has this secret of coming up with amazing and fun stuff on a regular basis. This time Google is celebrating Surprise birthday game using the spinner game. Some of these are cool effects while other are full-fledged games. I recently discovered these 6 cool Google tricks which are really amazing and superbly done. Its just for fun. This is Part 2 of Cool Google tricks which is essentially Google Games Edition. I have posted the first part of some of the wonderful google effects for fun you can enjoy within google. The tricks in this video are:

1. Google Tic Tac Toe
2. Google Pacman
3. Google T-Rex runner (No internet)
4. Google Atari Breakout
5. Google birthday surprise Spinner
6. Google Solitaire

Also watch my 7 cool Google tricks and fun facts and also cool Youtube tricks I have posted sometime back here:

7 cool Google tricks and fun facts: Do a barrel roll, Google gravity, I'm feeling lucky.

Youtube tricks: Do the Harlem Shake,  Use the force luke. Angel's 
Sunday Bath

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