Epic Dog chasing car - Hot Wheels Track - Funny in slow motion

September 22, 2017

Angel - The Golden Retriever - Dog chases hot_wheels cars - epic funny slow motion video. Damsel and Angel play with Hot Wheels cars trying for one-upmanship on who will win. #Hotwheels track set and hot wheels cars are being used here.

Chasing cars or any other moving object like real cars, bikes, running kids, small animals, or other dogs is inherently instinctual to the dogs. Chasing is the dog's natural prey drive while playing or hunting. Historically, dogs have been selectively bred and the instinctual qualities "keyed in" into different breeds for either hunting, herding, guarding, or retrieving. The dogs are naturally wired to follow in hot pursuit any moving objects or living beings. Hence chasing need not be "taught" to the puppies. Actually, in certain cases, the chasing becomes an obsessive issue and could cause trouble to the pet owners or the dogs themselves. Train your dog to stop chasing and control its instinctual urge to stop chasing early on by using sit and stay commands and prevent inappropriate chasing habits. Always use a dog leash to prevent any untoward incident outdoors.

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How to Train Your Dog - Damsel and Angel
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March 18, 2020

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