Dog Halloween Costumes That Make You Smile

November 6, 2019

If you take care of your pooch and want to give the best to him/her, read on!Humans include dogs in almost everything. From gossiping and going on vacations to having a personalised spa day, they are part of our everyday life. So, don't you think that they need to celebrate halloween too? If you don't know what to make them wear, read on and buy one of these outfits! They will surely make all the humans smile!
1. Guitar Player


Along with providing comfort due to soft material of the cloth, this costume makes everyone smile! Imagine your dog in this cute outfit with a guitar! It will surely make everyone's day better. You get the costume in all sizes and does wonders in attracting attention. It holds your pets well with perfectly sized holes.

2. Cowboy Cat/Dog

Ever wondered how your pet would look as a cowboy? This is an amazing costume if you are taking along your pet for trick or treating. I bet you will get extra chocolates for yourself because obviously dogs can't eat chocolate! Your doggie will be  the show stopper of the day or should I say Halloween Night as the best dog costumes amongst all other dogs! 

3. Pet Pikachu 


Love Pokemon? Ever wished that you could have a pet pikachu? Well, your pet will look just like one when you dress it up like this!

Moreover, it has a velvet fabric which will keep your pet warm on a wintery Halloween night. Sizes ranging from XS, S, M, L, XL are available.

4. Bat Cat

Easy to put on and adjust with a hook and loop design, this costume will make your pet stand out. Especially if you have a black furred pet. Made with soft material, your pet will be very comfortable wearing it and I'm sure it will make everyone smile!

5. Lick or Treat!



This cute shirt is the funniest thing ever! Everyone is surely gonna say 'Aww!' and give your pet loads of treats and your pet will give licks in return!

6. I do Tricks for Treats

This was the most hilarious bandana I found. Made with very good quality material, it is totally Halloween themed and perfect for parties, trick-or-treating or just handing out treats. I'm sure when the night ends, your pooch will not need dinner! ha ha. On top of that your dog's agility skills would have also improved. Isn't it perfect?

7. Pet Pirate 

Remember the Pirates of the Caribbean? Well, now your pet can be one of them! How cool is that! This costume is very unique and your pet will look cuter than ever before. This costume will turn your pet into a funny pirate.

8. The McDonalds Dog

Love Mc.D and wanna give it a tribute? Here's a perfect way! Turn your pet into a cute McDonalds works handing out french fries! How cute is that? You could even pair up with your pet and become something related to McDonalds too!

9. Spidey Cat

Made with environmental friendly products, this costume will transform your pet into a 10-legged beast for halloween! MWAHAHAHA! Everyone is going to love it. Just make sure your pet doesn't chew it off.

10. Rabbit Dog

How cute is this? I bet everyone is gonna say 'Awww' when they look at your pet dressed like this. You literally feel like cuddling your pooch endlessly. Oh my god! I have no more words to say. It's just...insanely cute.
So which costume would you buy for your dog this season?

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