Danny the Champion of the World - Novel by Roald Dahl- No Spoiler Review

October 16, 2019

Characters in the Story: Danny, William Smith - Danny's daddy, Doc Spencer, Victor Hazell - the wealthy and unpleasant man, Mrs. Clipstone, Mr. Rabbetts and all the poor pheasants.​

Book Details-

Author- Roald Dahl

Illustrator- Quentin Blake

Genre- Children's books

Number of pages- 224


Book Summary:

This book by Roald Dahl is about Danny, a 10-year-old boy and his dad- William Smith. Danny discovers that his dad has a very deep and dark secret and it is that he poaches poor little pheasants! Read on to find out more.


Danny thinks that his dad is the most wonderful, marvelous and exciting dad anyone can ever have. Danny's dad never runs out of stories to tell and he owns a tiny filling station and he works in a garage to make a living. Danny and his father sleep in a gypsy caravan. Unfortunately, Danny's mom expired when Danny was 4 months old. So Danny lived with his father all his life.

Danny's Strangest journey and a daring plot makes him the Champion of the World!!
When Danny turned ten years, Danny's dad (whose name is William) reveals a deep dark secret about himself. He is a poacher! It means that he kills pheasants and steals them from rich people who can afford to buy 200 birds of that type. In a way William is not that bad of a person has he steals the peasants only from rich snobs. I sometimes even relate him to Robin Hood. One of the rich snobs that Danny's dad hates is Victor Hazell. He is a very rich man but he is very arrogant and rude. One day, Danny wakes up at around 2:10 am and finds that his father has not returned from his poaching expedition yet. He had gone to the property of Mr. Hazell and due to this Danny gets worried even more and drives to the property in search for his father.

(Yes. Danny can drive a car even though he is only ten years old)

Danny shockingly finds his dad in a trap with a broken ankle. Danny rescues him but while rescuing him, both Danny and his father hear a shocking news...Mr. Victor Hazell's annual peasant hunt is coming soon! It is an event where Victor buys 200 peasants and invites all the rich and powerful people to come and kill all the peasants on his farm!... And as a reward, they get to take their kill home and eat them for supper! Danny and his father revolt and plan to take revenge on him.

I will not be telling you what they did to take revenge on Victor as that is a spoiler.

Do you recognize what Danny and his father do to save lots of the pheasants? Why Danny is termed the Champion of the World? Read this book to find out. Grab a copy of the story book from the amazon link above, and I am sure you will love reading it just as much as I did.

Watch my YouTube video about it too!

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