Book review - Horrid High - Payal Kapadia

September 20, 2017

Hi guys! Welcome back. I am really happy with the books I got from crossword. I got three famous five books, then I got two Horrid High books in which I have read one and I am going to review it to you. And I also got a book called PASHU in which there are stories of animals from Indian mythology. This book is written by Devdutt Patnayak and I see his show, Devlok with Devdutt Patnayak at 9:00 pm every day on epic channel and I love it. I think that everyone watching this video should also watch his show and I am sure you will love it. So now I will start my book review of the first book of horrid high. Let me read the summary of this book which is written behind it.

"If eleven – year – old Ferg Gottin had been bought from a store, his parents would have returned him and demanded a refund. For Mr. and Mrs. Gottin, parenting is an experiment gone badly wrong. So they look for a school where you can dump your kids and forget about them. At horrid high, everything is downright horrid, from Chef Gretta’s cooking to master Mynus’s truly mental maths classes. But Ferg finds four friends with extraordinary skills, and they make a series of startling discoveries about their horrid school. Read on…….."

The four of Ferg’s friends are Measmer, Phil, Fermina and Immy. The best part of this book is chapter 18 where Granny Grit – a teacher in Horrid High arrives and helps the children. Till this chapter, it was totally sad and gloomy and all the 17 chapters only tells about all the things they had to suffer. Example: coach Kallus made them jump into a tank and swim in it which was totally  green and had hundreds of tadpoles in it! YUCK!!

They were also made to count the number of blades of grasses that grew in the school! Come on! Who could actually count that! All that master Mynus – the maths teacher - told them was to count anything and everything from the number of crow’s droppings on the walls to number of stiches on their shirts! how annoying! It is surely the world’s most horrid school! 

I wish the book had index and chapter names so that it would make reading a little easier. But, the book is so horrid that, that, umm...  you’ll love it! BYE

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