Best out of waste - Easy kids DIY crafts using paper cups and string lights

January 18, 2018

Hey guys, we made paper cup garland with some old paper cups we had lying in the house. We used string lights, and it turned out to be awesome. I had my friend come over to help me out for the DIY project.

The materials you will require are:

1. Paper cups small size or you could use transparent plastic cups.

2. Yarn thread or wool of various colours.

3.  LED Rice lights or string lights.

4. Glue.

5. Scissors.

The idea is to wind the cups with the thread to make them colourful and get the rice lights to illuminate them. The result is an awesome and simple DIY weekend project! You could hang it up in a corner of your room or welcome your guests at the door or hang it in your bunker and watch it light up your cozy corner in the night! Use it as a festive lighting or without any reason. :-)

This best out of waste DIY project took us less time together and it was so much fun! My friend and I made it in half the time it would have taken for me alone. Many thanks to her for joining me. Here is the rice lights that I purchased from Amazon.

I have made another simple and easy kids DIY crafts using string lights. Check it out below:

String lights Super Easy lighting using fairy lights in bottle - Simple DIY Home Decor

We used different colors of strings on the paper cups. It is so simple yet looks bright and colorful and is a last minute DIY for your needs be it for Christmas or New Year or Diwali or any other festive occasion. Below is the yarn thread set you can buy from Amazon.

Hope you like this project and am sure you will enjoy making it as much as I loved it. Scroll below to check out my other posts. Peace!

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