Angel gets healthy dog treats and large dog toys - Chip Chops dog snacks

September 23, 2017

Angel got Chip Chops Fish on Stick and Chicken & Cod Fish Sandwich yesterday. Chip Chops dog treats are healthy dog treats available as Chicken and Codfish Rolls, Sun Dried Chicken Jerky, Chicken Chips Coins, Fish On Stick Dog Snacks, Biscuit Twined with Chicken, Biscuit Twined, Chicken Strips Dog Snacks, Chicken Strips Dog Snacks and others.

We had been to pet store and got the treats and also a wooden dumbbell as it is indestructible dog toys. Large dog toys are difficult to find as they generally are destroyed within minutes by the strong jaws and teeth of the big dogs. A wooden dumbbell provides ample entertainment to the dog for hours at one go as Angel chews on it until she gets tired of it and still the dumbbell remains intact.





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