A student's routine of the day in India - 2018

February 26, 2018

Every day with the Sunrise, a fresh new day has come,
With the chirps of the birds flying in the sky,
Spread their wings and flying high
As the sun shines through the trees,
A new day has dawned on me.


Pink flowers on the trees,
The purples amongst the grass,
I drink the milk full in the glass,
Sometimes I like the coffee too,
For my senses in the class.


I brave the traffic,
And wade through the crowd
Off to work hard like the bees,
To produce the fruits of labour.


I go to school and learn new things,
Work hard and study hard,
With so many books to read,
And so many distractions around :-)


Momma says eat your lunch,
Always healthy and nutritious
Do your Homework,
Study, Study, and Study!


I set my time table
Love doing my drawing
Coloring and painting
I write my blog
And go out to play


And then my dog, Angel
Waits for me for a game of fetch
That she loves ceaselessly!
And for a long walk.


Then it's dinner time
And some family time
'Coz it's past sunset
And it already night


Then I go hit the bed.
My day comes to an end!

And thus end my student's daily routine :-)

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