A beginners doodle art!

January 27, 2018

doodle - Google meaning:



gerund or present participle: doodling

scribble absent-mindedly.

"he was only doodling in the margin"

Today, I got inspired by another YouTuber, Idle Doodle, and I started doodling! Idle Doodle has some videos of wonderful and simple drawings that you must watch!

As for me, if I start doing something, I do it continuously for 3-4 hours. If I don't do it, then i don't do it all! So well....that's me. Today, I sat for about 3 hours and I did about 5 pages of doodling. I did my first doodle art about 6 months back. I love making up my own fonts,drawing characters, cute animals and stuff like that. I also love writing quotes while doodling. I also make comics. I have posted a few pictures of my comics in my blog. So if you are interested, you can go and read it too. It is funny comic about a boy called Golu.

In most of my doodles, i have doodled cute cats, animals and characters that I made up, including aliens.

In this doodle, the doodling ideas have come from one portion which is all about music because i love music. I have drawn headphones, a piano and also a design related to music. In another portion, I have drawn stuff related to food like whipped cream, marshmallows, watermelons and hot chocolate. As you can see in this picture, I have made a cartoon by using a marshmallow. This is what I meant when i said that I make up my own characters.

In another part of the page, I have doodled words and quotes like-'Love Is An Open Door'.


Hope you liked these doodles that I have drawn. In some, I have only written quotes and words like-'Good Vibes Coming Your Way'. I have also made doodles that have words written in pictures. Here are pictures of my doodles- 

 This is another one:

I just drew this above doodle because I just felt like drawing it. Come on! It's a doodle!

In this picture, it a landscape where there is a house and there are many people living in it. As you can see, the people living in it look totally different. But still they live together happily.(Maybe not all!). And beside the house there is a dead body inside a coffin under a tree. So, I wish that even though we all are different, we must all live together like a family.

Hope you liked my doodles. Do also visit my other posts and enjoy! Bye!

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