7 cool Google tricks and fun facts: Do a barrel roll, Google gravity, I'm feeling lucky

December 7, 2019

Watch Google gravity, do a barrel roll, and other cool Google tricks. So Google has this secret of coming up with amazing and fun stuff on a regular basis. Some of these are cool effects while other are full-fledged games. But a lot of hard work goes into creating such stuff. I recently discovered these 7 cool Google tricks which are really amazing and superbly done. Its just for fun. This is Part 1 of Cool Google tricks. I will post the second part of some of the wonderful games you can play within google shortly. You can click on "I am feeling lucky" to go directly to the link instead of clicking on Mr. Doob site in the results. The tricks in this video are:
1. Google gravity
2. Google space
3. Google sphere
4. Fun facts/I am feeling curious
5. Teapot
6. Flip a coin
7. Roll a die


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