April 28, 2018

Planning a sleepover party this summer but don't know what to do? Here are 20 fun things to do to make your all-girls pajama party exciting:

1.    MAKE SLIME - Who doesn’t like making slime? This is the best way you can have fun when you are bored at a slumber party and you can’t go outside. (eg: when it is raining)

2.    WATCH A MOVIE - Watching a movie with your BFF’s at a sleepover…. Why not??



4.    PLAY GAMES - Playing bored games or other such games is the best way to spend quality time with your friends and family.
5.    TAKE WEIRD CHALLENGES - Taking challenges from your close ones or even yourself is fun and awesome cause you have never done I before!! E.g.: write with your left hand if you usually write with your right hand. Sleep in the bathtub. 
6.    VLOG - If you are a youtuber, you know this already. Vlogging is the best way to improve your communication skills and to preserve and remember your memories. I did a vlog too..check it out below:

7.    DANCE - By doing this, you can release your energy to the fullest and you can also have fun with your BFF’s.
8.    PLAY TRUTH OR DARE - truth or dare is an awesome game you can play with your friends. But make sure that they do not spread your secrets. You can go online to search for questions that you may ask. 
9.    PLAY PILLOW FIGHT - Who doesn’t like wresting with pillows?? It burns off your energy though.

10.    PRANK CALL - Prank calling is real fun. It puts you in a fit of giggles. But make sure that the person you are prank calling doesn’t mind and you don’t harm them.
11.    BUILD A FORT - Okay….. I know this sounds stupid and childish but according to me, it is a lot of fun.

12.    DO DIY ACTIVITIES - DIY’s are easy when you are with friends! Why not decorate your pillow covers or cut old baggy shirts to make crop tops?

13.    MOVIE MARATHON - A movie marathon is where you watch movies after movies after movies until you drop. It helps in keeping you stay awake.
14.    SING - Don’t tell me you are not good at singing (even I’m not) but it is fun singing off key songs with your sleepover besties.
15.    FASHION SHOWS - Show off your creativity by wearing weird but cute chic outfits created by mix matching your own clothes.
16.    BREAKFAST - Sleepover isn't over until the next day morning. Have fun making your own yummy breakfast that is easy. Some are - Eggs and bread, pancakes with syrup or whipped cream, waffles, sandwiches, and a lot more.

17.    LISTEN TO MUSIC - Music calms your mind, but in a slumber party, it encourages you to dance and have fun.
18.    PAINT YOUR NAILS - If you are a girly girl, then you would surely love this. Paint your nail similarly with your friends so that it reminds you of the party.

19.    SPA - After all the un and drama, who wouldn’t like a chilling me-time with cucumbers on their eyes? Ohhh……
20.    TELL SCARY STORIES - Get all your BFF’s in your fort, switch off the lights and tell stories to scare your friends!!

That's a lot of stuff and I am sure you will love every moment of your pajama party. Have fun!

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