15 simple things you can do when you are bored!

April 28, 2018

Hey guys, here are some of the things that I have listed that I do when I am bored. Most of the people/viewers liked the last one LOL. Read more to know. Write in the comments below which one you liked. Hope you enjoy!

1. First of all, you can make some paintings. I love making paintings and I think it calms my mind. I have made many paintings and drawings, especially doodles. I have posted one blog HERE. Painting is an art and it makes your creativity go wild. That's why I love making paintings. Especially on canvas.

2. Then you can also watch some YouTube videos to learn something new instead of just entertainment. Youtube is full of videos that teach you everything on earth. You only need to search. Try words like "how to" or "tutorials" or "education" or "tips and tricks" etc along with the topic you are interested in. For example, search "how to make cupcakes without eggs" or "slime for beginners tutorials" or "iphone tips and tricks" etc. You can be as specific as you want. You will find plenty of videos explaining you everything in detail.

3. You can start your own YouTube channel as it is awesome and fun to make videos. Even your creativity knows no bounds and you can also learn to talk and it improves your communication skills. By making videos, you can also learn new things just like how I learnt to edit videos. You can also go checkout my YouTube channel called 'Damsel and Angel' 

4- The next one I see of course make Vlogs. Making Vlogs help to improve your communication skills and also to preserve your memories. Then later on you can see your video and get your memories back !!

5- You can also listen to some music cause I think it takes you into another world. It also helps you to learn music 🎶.

6. You can also see some movies 🎥. I don't know why but I love watching movies so much. You can also watch them online which is awesome cause I hate adds that come on television.

7. You can even do some DIY's. DIY's, help you to create something new and by creating something new you even get happiness. 

8. You can also go shopping to spend your gift cards. I love shopping and I am a shopaholic. This is why I think shopping is the best thing to do when you are bored. To make it even more fun, you can go shopping with your BFF's and maybe have a shopping challenge!!

9. After the fun with your best friends, you Can write in your journal or diary to remember your precious memories and also to improve your writing skills.

10. Another idea is to write stories or poems. Even this makes your imagination go wild and also maybe later on you can become an author!! Won't it be awesome to have your books published??

11. Then, you can also read books to get inspiration to write your own books. Or, you can read books just because you love it. HEY! I'm a bookworm myself!

12. You can also make yourself a yummy snack if you are hungry.

13. Then, to burn of those fats and calories, you can exercise and stretch. This also makes you flexible and slim and fit.

14. You can also do stuff that makes you happy. You can practice your hobbies and become an expert in it. For me reading books and cooking makes me happy.

15. If you have a dog, you can play with it and spend time with it. 


16. After a long day and after a lot of stuff, you are still bored, then the only option I have for you is SLEEP!😴😴  See I told you in the beginning....most people loved the last one. LoL...Just kidding!

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