10 Best Dog Treats your Pooch will Love

March 21, 2020

My dog loves anything and everything I give her. Angel is a foodie and even if you don't buy her treats and just give her some scraps, she would be happy. We buy treats and biscuits so that we can reward her while playing fetch and also while training her.

We prefer treats that are breakable or the ones that are really small because giving her big treats every time we play fetch or train her would cause her to become obese.

Here are the best dog treats that are healthy, affordable, and yummy that your pooch will love. I have tried to list only those that are tiny in size so you don't have to worry about total daily caloric intake of your dog. I have also included a couple of healthy chew treats that you can give as a "cheat treat" once in a while but these are also helpful in dental health and hygiene.

1. Chip Chops

This dog treat has been mine and Angel's favourite from ages. We have been buying Chip Chops from the time Angel was a puppy. There are really good offers on this brand and the treats are really tiny. In short, they are perfect dog treats for training :-) Available in various flavours to rotate so your dog doesn't get bored with the same taste - Chicken, Duck, Sweet Potato, Codfish, and other combinations.

2. Meat Up Dog Biscuits

If you wanna go for something baked, Meat Up is the way to go. These are made from real chicken that help in your dog's health and they have an amazing offer of buy one get one free on Amazon.in. They are hard and crunchy biscuits without any added food coloring. There are 3 different flavors: milk, chicken and mutton. Fortified with vitamins and minerals, Meat up can be given to any sized dog. This is one of the Best Selling Dog Treats on Amazon.


3. Snackers Dog Treats

These are also one of my favorites. Snackers Dog Treats are available in Just Dogs Stores. Every time we go to this pet store, we always end up buying this. There are many types and flavors, big and small, for all kinds of dogs. You can give it as a snack or as a reward. It is 100% natural and boosts the energy of your pet. It is also good for the dental health of your dog.


4. Heads Up for Tails Dog Biscuits

HUFT is a popular dog store in India. They do have they own branded dog products. If you want a pure vegetarian treat for your dog that is extremely healthy, you should buy a Heads up for Tails product. You also have non-veg treat variants that are gluten-free. So many options to choose from that you will be spoilt for choice.

These Apple and Banana flavoured gluten-free HUFT dog biscuits are Angel's favourites. 


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5. Dogsee Crunch Dog Training Treats

If you are looking for something unique and crunchy to train your dog, buy Dogsee Crunch! This product is made from only one ingredient - Apple - which is freeze-dried. It is 100% vegetarian and is an amazing treat to train your dog. It is totally natural and contains no preservatives, meat, artificial color or grains. It is rich in potassium and vitamin C. Being one-ingredient, Dogsee Crunch is one of best dog treats that are healthy.



6. Pedigree Dentastix

If you want to be safe and buy treats for your dog from a trusted brand, buy this! I too buy this for Angel and she loves it. But one disadvantage is that each treat is pretty big and you can just give it as a snack but not as a reward or a treat. It claims to be clinically proven to reduce tartar build up by up to 80%.

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It is high in calories, so you must give only one stick per day, and it can be given to dogs above 5-10 kg only, it's not meant for puppies. Drinking water must always be available.

It has a unique shape and improves the dental health of your dog.

7. Drools Power Bites

Made with real chicken, their tag line is feed real, feed clean. Drools is also a trusted brand and makes healthy snacks for dogs. It is rich is protein and does not contain corn, soy or wheat. It is highly digestible and comes in many flavors like milk, strawberry, apple, banana and blueberry. These can be used to train your dog. For puppies, 1-2 chunks is enough and for adults 2-4 chunks is sufficient.



8. Nootie Salami Dog treat

If you want to feed your dog some chew treat but not the hard ones, buy Nootie! It is perfect when your dog is teething and boosts the immunity and health, but soft on puppy teeth. It is a healthy snack to curb mid-meal hunger. Regular consumption help to remove tartar and reduces bad breath.

9. Purepet Biscuits

These 100% vegetarian crunchy biscuits help in the dental health of your dog. It promotes lustrous skin and coat. It is fortifies with vitamins and minerals that keeps your pet active and healthy. It has the vegetarian version along with the chicken, mutton and milk flavor. It is a baked goodie that is good for rewarding your pet.




10. Dogsee Chew

Dogsee chew products are made from the finest yak cheese handcrafted in the Himalayas. It is smoked for 35 days in the Himalayas to harden it so that your pooch can enjoy it for way longer than the other treats. It helps in the dental health and is high in protein and low in fat. These cheesy treats are 100% natural and contain no preservatives, grains, gluten or color.


So which one is your dog's favourite treat? Try it out and let me know.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog and make sure to reward your pet now and then. Meet you in my next post! BYE!

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